15 Holidays Drink Recipes That Will Liven Up Any Party

15 Holidays Drink Recipes That Will Liven Up Any Party
The holidays are fast approaching with festivities galore to come. Family gatherings, get-togethers, and holiday parties are an exciting way to welcome the season and celebrate with loved ones. Planning a party is the ideal time to try new food and drink recipes. Party guests love trying something new and will rave about the host’s creativity. Every celebration is different that is why this is a mix of kid-friendly, punch bowl, and, of course, alcoholic drink recipes so that there is something for everyone and their unique party. 

Family Friendly Drinks 

Wassail Punch– This kid-friendly drink is served warm and smells like heaven. The rich smell of the spices will comfort the soul. 

Candy Apple Caramel Punch– The kids will be lining up to get their own adorable beverage. The punch is a vibrant green and each cup is garnished with chewy caramel candies on toothpicks. It is a photo-worthy and delicious choice for family-friendly gatherings. 

Sherbet Punch– Floating, fluffy balls of sherbert entice party guests. Children in particular love this classic party drink. It is easy to make for large groups and the sherbet dually works to flavor and chill the punch… now that’s a winning combo. 

Luscious Slush– With a name like ‘luscious’ it has to be pretty good, right? It definitely is! The flavor and texture are on-point. The kids will be requesting this one at every family gathering. 

Kids Mocktail– Let the little ones join in on the festivities with their own fancy ‘mocktail’. This one is a breeze, parents. In plastic champagne glasses place either a rock candy pop, gummy bears, or fruit-based candy in each glass then fill with a light colored sparkling juice. The kids can cheer each other and feel involved in a safe way. 

Punch Bowl Drinks 

Cranberry and Grape Spritzer– People of all ages will enjoy this simple, bubbly beverage. Simply mix the ingredients, put it in the punchbowl, and let the crowd enjoy. 

Tropical Punch– Four ingredients and no effort make this a punch bowl classic. It is easy to add to the bowl to refill as the night wears on and is a crowd pleaser. 

Pina Colada Punch– Visually appealing, a wonderful texture, and bursting with flavor this punch is a winner. Throw the ingredients together, add in pebble ice, and top with fresh raspberries. The fresh berries perfectly contrast the tropical flavors for a refreshing drink. 

Chilled Coffee Punch– Stand out from the crowd with this delightful party drink. The rich coffee flavor mixed with creamy ice cream is just as good as the pricey coffee shop offerings. This coffee-based drink is always a winner with adult crowds, it is especially ideal for non-alcoholic adult gatherings in the workplace. 

Non-Alcoholic Sangria– All of the bright fruit flavors meld together to create a tasty beverage so good that nobody will miss the alcohol. Take sparkling grape juice and add whichever fruit is preferred or on hand then let all the juices mix into one amazing finished creation with minimal effort. 

Alcoholic Cocktails 

Rum Punch– This cocktail is a bubbly version of a classic mixing dark rum, sparkling wine, orange juice, and orange liqueur. Serve in champagne glasses then garnish with a spring of rosemary and thin slice of orange. 

Adults Only Apple Cider– This is one of the easiest recipes for a crowd. Simply take store-bought apple cider and mix with brandy. For added flavor add cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and orange zest. Serve cold with an optional apple slice garnish. 

Cranberry Margaritas– Nothing is quite as festive as red and green right? This delicious cocktail is the right color combo and is a creative offering at holiday fetes. Margaritas don’t have to be only for summer gatherings anymore! 

The Jack Frost– Cooly blue, refreshingly cold, and a coconut delight- this cocktail is a fun option that thinks outside the box. Dip each glass rim in water followed by shredded coconut for a lovely garnish. Jack Frost will be nipping at your nose in no time. 

The Snowflake Martini– How about a high-class white chocolate martini with a fun name to liven up the party? Grab the rarely used cocktail shaker to impress guests with exceptional bartending skills. Rim the martini glass with sanding sugar for a sparkly finish. 

Drink Bar Tips 

In order for a party to be a success, there has to be a bit of organization and flow to the setup. For example, seating shouldn’t be in the way of the food or drinks or it will cause uncomfortable moments. Position the drink bar away from the food buffet in order to minimalize disruption for people only wanting a drink refill and not more food. Keep extra batches of premade drinks handy for when the punch bowl runs low or pitchers need refilling. It is a good idea to keep extra cups, napkins, and plates easily accessible so there isn’t any searching necessary if more are needed. Be sure to stock up on toilet paper in guest bathrooms because many drinks mean many bathroom trips as well. Finally, relax and enjoy the amazing holiday party with the best drink selection! 

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year when old friends, new friends, and family gather together. Holiday parties are notoriously exciting thanks to the beautiful decor, ambient holiday music, delicious food varieties, and festive drink options. Everyone is there to have a wonderful time enjoying each other’s company and everything else is simply a perk. Get creative this holiday season by offering many tantalizing punch bowl drinks suitable for families, kids, and adults only. The extra care to offer something outside the norm won’t go unnoticed.

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