Best Decoration Ideas For Fall

September is finally here! The seasons are changing, the leaves are falling, and the spirit of pumpkin spice is in the air. For all of you Autumn fans out there now is the perfect time to start whipping out the decorations to put you and your family in the spirit. Here are some of our favorite kid-friendly decoration ideas to get you in the mood for Autumn! 

Candles, Candles, Candles 
The power that scent has on the ambiance of your place is often overrated. Adding a seasonal scent to your space will instantly put you and all of your visitors in a festive mood. There are so many seasonal smells to choose from. Pick a nice pumpkin, to give the feel of Halloween. A pine or cedar scent can give your houses a nice outdoor feel. Candy corn, cinnamon, apple cider; the possibilities are literally endless. Treat yourself to a candle in every room and mix up your scents this season. 

Pinecone Bird Feeders 
Teach the kids about nature by having them craft their own pinecone bird feeders. With the cold weather coming in, birds and other wildlife will be struggling to find a solid food source this autumn. So grab some string, peanut butter, pinecones, and bird seed and get to work. Fasten the string to the top of the pine cone, roll it in peanut butter, and last, top it with the bird seed. This simple craft may be a bit messy but your kids will love getting their hands dirty and seeing the pay off of their creations. Hang your handmade feeders outside a kitchen or living room window and enjoy watching wildlife thrive in your very own front yard. This craft will be fun for everyone and bring a little liveliness to your space this season! 

Change out the Linens 
With your home’s new autumn scents, you’re going to want to invest in towels and blankets to match the feel. Orange, yellow, and red is the color scheme of the season, so head to the store and invest in seasonal linens. Swapping these out seasonally will keep your regular towels and blankets fresh and will give your room a whole new feel with just the slightest bit of effort. This simple change will shift the entire color scheme of your space and have your house feeling like a fall haven in no time. 

Hand Turkeys 
Have the kids get creative and make some good old fashioned hand turkeys. Invest in colored construction paper and have them trace the outline of their hand to create the turkey feathers. A couple of glue sticks and some scissors will give your kids everything they need to make their very own fall turkey, a decoration that will bring a smile to any parent or visitor. Hang them on the fridge or around the living room to let your kids feel involved in the decoration process and to help ring in the spirit of the season. 

Fun Leaf Wreathes 
Grab the kids, and head to the craft store, it’s time to make a leaf wreath! A wreath is a perfect decoration that you can use again and again. Simply go to the store and purchase the wreath foundation. Also buy decorative plastic leaves, ribbons, and pinecones. Select your color scheme ahead of time and choose colors that coordinate (any fall color will do- burnt orange, yellow, etc). Using hot glue and tacks you can secure everything in place. The kids will love helping you design your wreath and the decoration will be special and meaningful for the entire family. And the best part? You can store it away and whip it out again next year! 

Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins 
There’s a lot you can do with pumpkins in regards to decorating. Place mini pumpkins around your home to add to the ambiance. Carve jack-o-lanterns for another kid-friendly decorating idea and display them on your front porch. Bigger pumpkins can be placed in the back. Stack them from biggest to smallest, place them in visually appealing formations, the possibilities are endless! A tiny pumpkin is a great compliment to any room in the house. You can do the same with mini squashes and gords. These decorations are quick, easy, and best of all, timeless. They are a cheap way to spruce up both the interior and exterior of your space in minutes. 

Snacks for the Season 
Another way to add to the Autumn mood is by setting out themed snacks around your home. For instance, a little bowl of pumpkin seeds on the living room table is a great way to make your guests feel welcome and to incorporate the season into a fun and filling snack. Pumpkin-themed candies and candy corn are also a great way to go. You can integrate these into your home in leaf-shaped dishes and other festive candy holders. Get creative! Your guests will feel warm and welcomed with this tiny bit of extra effort. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to all of your autumn decorating options. Grab the kids and get creative! In no time at all your house will feel like a seasonally themed palace and you’ll be so glad you took the time to decorate.

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