Exciting Halloween Costume ideas that kids can help create

A Halloween costume can be so expensive these days. Some families have started doing their own thing. You can do with these simple DIY Halloween ideas that will bring a smile your kid’s faces. 

Ten Costume Ideas For Your Family That Take Little To No Time To Make 

1) You can be Wednesday Adams. You just need a simple black dress and a black shirt with a collar. Your job is done. Make sure to braid the hair too. It is simple and classic. You can also find the outfit for less than $30 online. 

2) You can create a simple ice cream cone dress with the kids help too. You need a white dress that you can find online for under $30. You need mini popsicle sticks that are less than $5 online. You also need a brown paper bag for less than $13. There is a tutorial online that shows you how to put it together. 

3) You can do Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The look still works after 50 years. You can find a black dress online for $15 if you do not have one in your closet already. Add some fake pearls and black gloves. Tie your hair up like Audrey did in the movie. The gloves you can find online for less than $15. The Audrey Hepburn look is a timeless look that does not go out of style. 

4) There is Rosie the Riveter. This is about motivating your kid’s other women to stand up for something. The first thing you need is a denim shirt. You can choose one from your closet or buy one online for less than $20. You need a headband that has red polka dots on it. You also need some yellow poster board. Write what she did or use something else. You can become Rosie in less than 20 minutes with the kid’s help. You spent, at most,$30 to do it. You or your daughter can enjoy this one. It is never too early to teach your daughter about girl power. 

5) The flapper girl is a favorite for young kids and adults. You need accessories from the 1920’s. Prices begin at $3 online. You need a black flapper dress with fringe trim. You can probably find one for less than $30. Add a headband and some gloves. You and your kids are going to look great. Your son can go as a 1920’s flapper guy. 

6) There is the Starbucks cup. This is a new one that is increasing in popularity. You need a beige dress from your closet. You can also find one online for $19 or more. You need some white felt and some green paint. You paint the logo on the dress and add some white felt to make foam. Roll up some newspaper and paint it green. Google some pics online if you are unsure of how it supposed to look. 

7) Snow White is another family favorite. The requirements are minimal. You need a yellow skirt. You need a blue pullover sweater or shirt. It needs to be v-neck. Add some red ribbon around the waist. Get your daughter some yellow shoes. Your outfit is complete. It is simple, classic, and never goes out of style. 

8) Your kids can be a fork on the road. You need a black t-shirt. Make sure it is a black shirt you are not using for anything else. Paint some road crossings on the front. Make a fork out of white felt and slap it on one of the crossings. You and your kids are now a fork. 

9) You or your kids can be a ceiling fan. This is an easy one to make. You need a red t-shirt that is not being used for anything else. Take some black letters and spell out “go ceiling” on the front of the shirt. Add some red pom-poms. You or your kids are ready to go. 

10) How about dressing up like a tourist? You need a Hawaiian shirt, a straw hat, and a lei. You can find all of this for less than $30 online. Places like eBay or Amazon have them. It is simple and easy. 

Have Fun!!

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