Fall Renovations that can add value to your home.

Fall can be a great time to start home renovation projects especially before the sting of a cold winter sets in. By completing fall renovations you not only finish much-needed projects before a long winter but also make your home more enjoyable for the next coming spring and summer. This fall, homeowners should look toward repairs that increase the value and safety of their home. Let’s take a look at some great fall home improvements to increase the value of your home. 

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are vital. With a long winter ahead, it is important to check into the health of your roof. Many fall home improvements are important, however, your rooftops the list. Winter and spring can be a time of great moisture. By ensuring your roof is healthy you limit water damage and damage done by the weight of snow. Homeowners can take advantage of the cool autumn temperatures to reduce the risks of heat exhaustion that occurs in the summer months. Be sure that when you repair the roof to your home you also get a quote on any garage or shed on the property as well. Not only will a proper roof on a garage help with the price tag on your home, but it also ensure the owner that the property they store in the garage is safe from damage as well. 

Heating Issues and Electricity

It is essential that before the winter arrives, you get your furnace looked at. Furnaces require maintenance such as cleaning vents and changing filters. Sometimes, however, furnaces need to be replaced. If your heat is running at a substandard level, replacing your furnace not only increases the value of your home but also ensures you warmth throughout the long winter months. 

Electricity goes hand in hand with furnace repair or replacement. By making sure your electrical wires, outlets and fuse/breaker boxes are functioning correctly, you can help reduce electrical cost, fire hazards, and of course add value to your property. In the winter, many people use space heaters to cut the cost of their gas bill. These space heaters can pose a fire risk and should be assessed thoroughly by a professional to ensure your electrical units are safe to use. 

Your Pool

Fall makes the perfect time to focus on pool repairs. Not only do pool repairs up to the value to your home but they also keep the pool in great shape for the coming summer. A great advantage to repairing your pool in the fall is that the demand for pool upgrades and repairs is low. This means that you can get renovations on your pool are done for much cheaper during the fall months than you would in the spring or summer. 

Window Repair

A great time to get your windows repaired is the fall. Not only does this increase the value to the home but it also helps with moisture issues and of course prevents cold air from creeping in through window cracks. In the winter it is vital to keep your heating bill as low as possible. To ensure that your heat does not continuously run throughout the long winter nights, get all windows and window seals looked at. Replacing window and window seals can be great for the value of your home. 

Chimney Repair/Fireplace Repair

Fall is a great time to get that old chimney or fireplace looked at. People love fireplaces. Not only will a repair to the chimney or fireplace increase the value of your home but it will also allow you to cut back on your heating bill. By repairing a chimney leak, chimney crack or other fireplace issues you allow yourself the ability to use the fireplace as a heat source all throughout the winter. Fireplaces can also bring life and joy to your home. The light of the fire is known for it’s seducing and embracing scene. Take advantage of that old fireplace and enjoy spending your winters, wrapped up in a blanket next to your newly repaired fireplace. 

Gutter Repair

If you are someone who has a ton of trees in your yard, you may want to take a look at your gutters. Gutter repair can increase the value of your home. In the fall, leaves tend to clog and damage many gutters. Then, the heavy ice of the winter increases this damage. By the time the spring comes and the rains are heavy, you end up with useless gutters and water damage. By repairing the gutters in the fall, you can save your vinyl siding, roof and framing materials from significant water damage. 


A commonly overlooked repair is insulation. Whether it be insulation in the wall, under the house or even in the attic, insulation can increase your home value. Many people worry that their new house lacks insulation. When a house has improper or limited insulation heat tend to leak out of the house and pipes get cold and burst. When pipes burst, you are faced with a huge water/repair bill. By utilizing a renovation such as insulation repair, especially on the wall, you drastically increase the value and safety of your home. It is essential that before the winter, you check that your home has proper insulation. This allows you to keep your family warm and of course your pipes of bursting. 

When it comes to renovations, especially those that can increase the value to the home, fall is often overlooked. Many people do not realize that autumn is the perfect season to start, finish and complete renovations. Many people soon realize that they can increase the value of their home, get drastically reduce utility bills in the winter, and pay a significantly reduce the price by working on renovations in the fall. This fall increases the value of your home by participating in these common home renovations. You will be thrilled when tax season comes around and you see the price of your home increase. Take part in these repairs as often as needed to keep your home stable, updated and of course comfortable.

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