Fall Snacks the Whole Family Can Enjoy Together 

Fall is coming soon. You know what that means!? Fun ides for Halloween. The first leaves begin to fall. Every season has its own unique quality, but fall is the time that people enjoy the most. In keeping with the fun, we have some exciting and easy fall snacks that you and your family can make and enjoy together. 

1)Krispie Treats 

The kids are going to love them. It is super cool to do. You create your normal Krispie treats, but you bake them in the shape of the cat. You add some black food coloring, etc. You add some pumpkin candy corn to complete the look. This one lady made them for her family. Her husband cannot get enough of them. Sometimes the kids yell at him because he eats them all. Does that sound familiar? 

2)Bat Bites 

You need just a few ingredients for this one. You take a peanut butter cup. Break an Oreo in half and give the cup some wings. Give it a pair of googly eyes. You may want to make these for a party at your house. The bats are kind of delicate. The Oreo wings are going to fall off very easily. There is a great picture of it online at the site called “Mom’s Life Made Easy.” You can also find some other great recipes there. 

3)Chocolate Turkey 

Take a clear glass bowl. Add a face to it. Do you have pretzel sticks lying around the house? You can buy them if you do not. Dip them in chocolate. Add some fall sprinkles to complete the look. Place them in the bowl. Fill the bowl completely. It is going to look like a turkey when you are done. Make enough so that you can replenish the turkey as needed. It is a fun snack that you can make for less than $20. 

4)The Reese’s Turkey 

Your loved ones are going to become addicted to this treat. You take one large and small cup. You add some Resee’s pieces on top of the big one. You place the smaller cup at the edge of the larger cup. You add a face. You can use some fruit slices or candy slices you happen to have to lie around. It is going to look like a small turkey when you are done. 

5)Witch Hat 

Take a shortbread cookie that has been already dipped in chocolate and turn it over. You want the chocolate part facing up. Place a Hershey kiss on top. Add in some orange icing to make a bowtie on the hat. Your kids are going to love it. 

6)Caramel Apples 

This is going to be a guaranteed showstopper at your house. Dip each apple into the caramel. You can do that yourself or buy some pre-caramelized apples instead. Top it off with some oatmeal chunks. Drizzle some chocolate sauce on top and let it set. You can make a whole bushel of apples for your friends to snack on. It is an inexpensive treat that is also healthy. 

7)Pumpkin Muffins 

The recipe for this treat is at https://www.southernliving.com/syndication/pumpkin-streusel-muffins-0. My description and the images you see online cannot do it justice. It is better to read the full recipe for yourself. 

8)Moonpie With a Face 

You take a store-bought moon pie. You sprinkle each one with a special treat. You can use anything from sprinkles and M&Ms to candy corn for the cute little nose. Let it sit. Your pie face is complete. Buy enough for everyone to have their fair share. The moon pie with a face is going to be a popular one at your house. 

9)Candy Corn 

What makes this different is that it is fried. You heard me. Fried candy corn. You can find the recipe here https://www.southernliving.com/food/how-to/fun-deep-fried-food-deep-fried-candy-corn. 

10)Weiner Worms 

The hot dogs are stripped and grilled. They look like worms once you are done. You can find the recipe here https://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/weiner-worms. 
It is not complicated. The end result has the hot dogs looking like real worms. The best part is there is a cold, dead hand in the middle. It is actually really cool to look at. Google the pics yourself. 

Fall is soon upon us. Halloween is closer than you think. Tap into your weird side and shine a light.

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