Fountain Hills Arizona Invites Everyone To Their Back To School Monthly Activities

The U.S. has many gorgeous locations that are like heaven on earth. One such location is the beautiful town of Fountain Hills, Arizona in the western part of Maricopa County. Fountain Hills Arizona features one of the world’s tallest fountains. The fountain spews water up to 560 feet every 15 minutes from 9 am to 9 pm. 

Fountain Hills Arizona is a paradise with weather that has sunshine throughout the year. It is a town that features rolling mountain ranges like the McDowell Mountains, surrounded by the Verde River, the Pima Indian Reservation, and the Saguaro Lake. 

Natural Outdoor Scenery 
Families and their pets can enjoy a variety of outdoor adventures in any one of the four parks that surround Fountain Hills, Arizona. The parks include Desert Vista Park, Fountain Park, Four Peaks Park and Golden Eagle Park. 

With its natural environments which provide backdrops for a myriad of activities and events to take place for individuals and families. It is no wonder that the town of Fountain Hills has a year-round schedule of fun activities. 

August to November Special Events 
As of this writing the “Back 2 School Bash,” will take place at the Four Peaks Park on August 25, 2018. The back to school bash will feature lots of* music, food, water-inspired fun, and so much more. Between August and September, you can take part in the many concerts and plays taking part at the Fountain Hills Theatre. 

The biggest event following the back to school activities occurs in the month of October. The great Fountain Hills Theatre is hosting the award-winning play “Steel Magnolias.” 

The Fountain Hills Steel Magnolias will run from October 12th to the 28th of 2018 – get your tickets soon because it is guaranteed to be sold out. [Link:] 

Who can forget the memorable performances in this amazing play starring Julia Roberts, Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, and Olympia Dukakis? 

Fountain Hills residents can’t wait to see how their play will portray the background setting of The Truvy Beauty Shop. Big hair and lots of hairsprays are a few of the props. 

The play features six feisty southern family members and close friends who have a great bond, which is further strengthened when M’Lynn and her daughter Shelby are faced with a life threating heart murmur disease. 

The Fountain Hills Steel Magnolia play will mark its 30th anniversary. Robert Harling originally wrote this story as a play. In 1988 the rights to the play were purchased by a Hollywood producer who made it into a movie that was shown around the world. 

The background of Steel Magnolia stemmed from the playwright’s own personal experience with his sister who passed away from a diabetes disease. The play was a beautiful nod to his sister’s courage and his mother’s strength. 

The town of Fountain Hills is a very inclusive environment whose social programs at the library, senior centers, parks, and museums are free to attend for everyone. The town hosts a variety of tourist inspired cultural fairs and festivals annually. 

You will enjoy golfing tournaments, fishing tournaments, music cruises, hiking and biking tours, Fort McDowell casino with live entertainment events and a feel of the Old West at the Fort McDowell Adventure experiences. 

Consider a great get-away to Fountain Hills, Arizona for great events taking place in November 2018. You have until the end of October to make reservations to partake in the Fountain Hills “Fountain Festival of Fine Arts and Crafts. 

The Fountain Festival of Fine Arts and Crafts features artisans from around the world. This event is the largest arts and crafts festival in the southwest. From November 9 – 11, 2018, events include: 

• Original works of art 
• Sculptures 
• Paintings 
• Hand-made clothing items 
• Jewelry designing 
• Chef-inspired food tastings 
• Musical staged events 
• Beer garden tasting 

The fun does not end at this great event. You can make plans to attend the November 22, 2018 “Thanksgiving Day Parade.” The Fountain Hills Thanksgiving Day Parade is the largest parade in the state of Arizona. 

The Thanksgiving Day Parade is an annual event that has grown throughout the years. It is a great crowd pleasure with visitors from around the world in attendance. Your registration begins in September and goes to the last weekend of October 2018. 

The Fountain Hills Thanksgiving Day Parade is also called Parada De Los Cerros which translates to the Parade of the Hills. 

As the host of the parade, the town of Fountain Hills provides many features like large colorful floats with some featuring celebrities. Other features are local and nation-wide marching bands and many other attractions. 

Why not participate in the November 22nd and take part in the annual 5k Turkey Trot and Fitness Walk. The Trot and Walk will take place before the parade and will cover the entire town. No matter your age or ability, come out and have fun!

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