Great summer outdoor activities with your family

Great summer outdoor activities with your family

It is usually a great idea to have fun as a family and especially in the outside since kids are drawn to playing with their pets and doing other activities outside. Outdoor activities come with a dozen benefits for the entire family especially your kids. It is related to the advancement of numerous skills including sports; it increases gross motor skills and flexibility, it allows for exploring the environment, develops your children’s confidence and also develops muscle coordination and strength. By taking your kids to participate in outdoor activities and teaching them new skills, you are helping them know they are capable of doing great things and as they move from beginner to advanced, their confidence is well developed. 

Outside activities have many health benefits as it helps in burning off extra calories and energy while also aiding in building good fitness levels and in the development of strong, healthy bones. Outdoor activities in summer also help in the absorption of vitamin D into the body from the sun, which is vital in the development of strong bones and lacking it in your body can lead to rickets. 

These activities encourage your children to learn social skills when they interact and play with other children since the environment is less intimidating than having a crowded indoor which prevents children from coming out of their shells and join in games as well as other activities. Below are the great outdoor activities you, your family and kids can do during summer. 


There are many games you can decide to play with your family, and if you do not have the real gaming equipment, you can always improvise. An example is; taking pool noodles, a laundry basket and balloons to play a home-made version of field hockey or using a balloon and a jump rope to divide the yard into two to play home-made Volleyball. 

It is fun playing games like Blanket Relay where you pull your partner as fast as you can across the lawn, Mini-Golf Course, Watermelon Splitting where your children spectate to see who will split the furthest and aim the best. Other games are Driveway Toy Car Race, Glow in the Dark Bowling, Lawn Twister, Shaving Cream Fight and Frisbee Tic Tac Toe. 

Nature related activities 

These types of activities can be very educative to the kids since they usually involve going out for a walk and learning about nature. They can even be more educative when you are in a bug hunt with a marker, a clipboard, a plastic jar, a magnifying glass and a piece of paper and you encourage your kids to draw and list the names of all the bugs they see. 

Activities such as garden planting teach your kids how to grow their food and all the steps involved in the garden planting which include weeding and watering. Other natural activities include building a birdhouse, designing a fairy house, stargazing, mud pies, and nature walks. 

Community fun activities 

Some of these activities involve having a bike wash for the whole neighborhood to raise money for a certain local charity or you can plan a community parade with your neighbors where those participating decorate their bikes with flags, streamers, and balloons and cheer them as they cruise around together. Involving your family and kids in such activities makes them feel a part of something bigger than just the family. 

Art activities 

Such activities include body painting where old clothes or swimsuits are the recommended attire. Kids should be allowed to wash themselves off in the sprinklers after splashing each other with washable paint. You should hold drawing competitions of trees, birds, insects and anything interesting out there which helps your kids in discovering talent if one of them or more have a talent for art. Using a fly swatter with a unique pattern in fly swatter painting will help your kid in whipping up an exclusive masterpiece. Other types of art activity include flower panting; the sun melted crayons and photography journal. 

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