Kid Friendly Treats for this Summer

With the warm temperatures on us and the kids out of school, it’s time to think about some easy summer recipes that are fun for the whole family. Not only are these fun to make, but they’re also easy. The little ones can get involved and feel proud of their involvement! With that being said, let’s go ahead and look at a few ideas! 

Chocolate Pudding Sundaes

Chocolate pudding sundaes are a unique twist on traditional sundaes. They also give a yummy treat on days where your children have played hard. You can get pudding that’s already made, but if you get boxed pudding then your children can help you mix it up. Once the pudding is ready, you can let them spoon the pudding into little cups. You can also let them put the whipped cream, sprinkles, and cherries on top. Keep in mind, you can add pretty much any topping and your children can help with all of that. This is one that doesn’t require you to do too much so the kids can pretty much make the entire thing! 

Cheese Stuffed Burgers

While you’ll have to do the cooking of these, your child or children can help you prepare them. Once you open up the beef and put it into a bowl, they can help you mix up the spices you’ll use. In addition, they can help you shape the patties and put the cheese in the middle. If your child is a bit older, you could even let them help you at the grill. Make sure they wash their hands well after handling the meat so they don’t get sick! 

Ants on a Log

This one is an old time favorite. In fact, my mom made it with me when I was little! One of my favorite parts was being able to pretty much make it myself. The only things you need are celery, peanut butter, and raisins. You’ll have to do the cutting for the celery but once that’s done, you can let your children use a spoon to spread the peanut butter on and then put the raisins on to look like ants. If you wanted to, you could even make up a little story about the “ants” so it’s more fun and memorable for them! 

Apple Monsters

Another very fun recipe is called Apple Monsters. These use fruit just like the Ants on a Log and they’re another one that you can make up a little story about them and really have fun with it. They can be made pretty much any way you want but there is a way that’s most popular. It uses apples, peanut butter, grapes, rice crispies, and chocolate chips. You’ll want to cut the apples and grapes but the children can do everything else. After cutting, they’ll put peanut butter on 2 apple slices, put rice crispies in the peanut butter to look like teeth, put grapes on the apples and in the mouth, then put chocolate chips in the grapes for eyes. They’re really fun and cute! 

Fruit Pizza

There are so many different options when it comes to fruit pizza. There isn’t really one specific way that it needs to be made. The only thing you’ll have to do is bake the dough and cut the fruit. The dough is usually just sugar cookie and the little ones can help you mix it up. They can also help mix up the cream cheese sauce. The final step is usually the funniest part for the children. They get to take the cut up fruit and decorate the pizza. They can put the fruit anywhere they want and make any design they want! 

Homemade Popsicles

Homemade popsicles are great for a hot and muggy day. There’s nothing better than taking out a cold popsicle that you’re children made themselves. You can let your children choose any fruit they want and figure out what combinations they want. All you have to do is cut the fruit into smaller pieces then put it into the blender. Once you put the top on, your little ones can press the buttons to make the fruit blend up really well. Once it’s blended, you’ll want to pour the entire mixture into little popsicle cups so they can be frozen. Using fresh fruit will not only give you the juice, but you’ll also get some chunks of actual fruit. 

Homemade Pizza

Just like fruit pizza, normal pizza is a fun recipe for the little ones as well. If you buy dough that isn’t premade, then they can help you mix it up and stretch it out. If the dough is premade, then the only thing you’ll have to do is cut up any ingredients and pop the pizza in the oven. Not only can they use a spoon to spread the pizza sauce, but they can also put the other ingredients on as well. You can use anything you like on your pizza and the children can put the toppings on in any pattern or spot they want! 

Snack Mix

Snack mix is one of those food types that are great to munch on when you’re just lounging around or watching a movie. You could always buy pre-made at the store, but letting your children make it is so much more fun! Some varieties might need to be baked, but most of them don’t. You can even do any type you want, such as: sweet, salty, or spicy. The fun part is taking your children to the store to let them help pick out what will go into the snack mix. All you do is mix everything together and it’s done! The possibilities are endless in terms of flavors and ingredients. 

Veggie Kabob

This recipe is great for parents that have children that aren’t big veggie fans. This is a recipe that will let them have veggies in a different and unique way. While it might not work, they might see veggies in a new light and end up really enjoying it. All you need to do is get wooden kebab sticks and cut up the veggies. The child can then put the fruit on in any pattern or order they want. They also might be intrigued by the different colors and textures. 

These summer recipes are sure to be a hit this season. Kids will absolutely loved being able to be involved and it’s something that the whole family can enjoy! Remember, these are just a few ideas! There are so many more that you can choose from! Who knows, it might turn into a new summer tradition!

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