How to Make a Room in Your New Home A Sanctuary

After buying a new home, there is an abundance of things you want to do to make it your own. Fixing the paint, digging out a garden and pool or even planting new flowers to make your yard pop can take any old home and make it yours. When it comes to the inside of the home, everything has a place. The kitchen and the living room get the typical furniture and decorative additives to make it homey, but what about that extra room you have? This article will discuss how you can take the extra room in your home and create your own sanctuary. 

Why do I need my own room? 

An easy answer to this question is because you want it. If you feel like you need the space and want the room. Take it. Your hard work in purchasing your own home has come to an end and you deserve your own piece of heaven. 

Make a plan 

The first step in creating a paradise at home for yourself is to make a plan. Without a plan, things can go from dreamy to daunting in a heartbeat. Start by mapping out which rooms are whose and which rooms are free. Creating a map can save time and energy when it comes to picking which room you will make into your own dream space. Your new home has limitless possibilities, but making everyone in your home happy with the arraignment should be the top priority. Once everyone has their designated bedrooms and playrooms, you can snag up that extra room and make it yours. 

Decide what you will use it for 

The next step in creating your dream room is to decide what you want from your extra space. Perhaps you have a hobby like sewing or writing, perhaps you like to read or simply relax. Once you decide the direction the room will go, decorating will become a breeze. Knowing that you want five bookcases or room for sewing material can make the process of building your individual paradise easy. 

Pick relaxing colors 

Let’s say you decide to take a room and create a relaxing beach themed sanctuary. Choosing light tans and baby blues can give this island paradise that extra relaxing feel. You wouldn’t choose black for a beach themed room, would you? Colors are essential to the tone and flow of your room. Be sure to grab as many samples as needed to ensure that you get the right energy from your new found hideaway. 

Know your budget 

Shoveling out all the family savings to create a paradise in your home seems like an easy mistake to make. Remember to work within a budget and relax knowing that you do not have to do it all in one night. You have years to create the perfect place to relax. Knowing what you can afford and sticking to it is important to keep your entire family happy. With your entire family pleased, it becomes easier for you to relax as well. 

Remember to remind the family 

Spending time with your family is great. However, at some point, we all need a little alone time. Remember to let your family know that this room is your piece of paradise. It is important to set a boundary that you are comfortable with or in a blink of an eye, your sanctuary turns into a man cave or your children’s other playroom. Don’t feel bad that you want some time alone, they have what they need and you deserve to as well. 

Significant other 

Allowing your significant other to partake in your beach themed room, activity room or hobby room can help build your relationship. If you and your significant other want to pretend to be on an island in Hawaii sipping Mai Thais together, do it. There is nothing more relaxing than being on vacation in your own home. Enjoy each other’s company and spend time together if that is what you enjoy. This room can help build a stronger build between a married couple when life gets too hectic. 

Look for ideas 

Perhaps you do not have many hobbies, and perhaps you don’t like the beach. Maybe you just want a room where you can do whatever you want without the nagging real life knocking at your door. You can find many ideas as to how you can create the perfect paradise by simply looking online. It is important to keep your mind open and explore every decorative possibility that there is. With so many options available, it can become overwhelming. However, remember that this is a time to relax and enjoy creating a paradise. There is no reason to feel overwhelmed. You are doing this on your own time, at your own pace and with your own budget. Take your time and make sure you pick a room that you can enjoy for years and won’t regret creating. 

Final thoughts 

It does not matter what you want the room for. The most important thing is making it for you. By separating your own needs from the needs and wants of your family, you can focus on why you want your own paradise and how you want that paradise to look. This room, this paradise, this vacation spot is designed for you. You are the creator, boss, and foreman. Step outside of your comfort zone and remember to include yourself in your decisions. There are many times in life when we put ourselves last. It is vital that you take the appropriate time to remember that just because you are busy with people who need constant direction and help, you yourself also need considerable attention as well.

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