New Years Resolutions: Most popular and how to keep them and be successful

As years go by, we set goals that most if not all of us get to achieve. Statistically, Forbes estimates that only eight percent of people manage to fulfill their new year’s goals; but why is the number so low? Well, if you have never attained at least half of your resolutions, you can try the following tips on how to keep your New Year goals. 
Below are some ideas on how to keep them 

Let it be Simple 

Many people fail at the first stage. It is true that you can achieve anything that you put your mind to, but the secret how to be successful at keeping your resolutions is by starting with simple goals. You must set simple goals that will lay a foundation for bigger goals. In short, you need to start winning; hence from there, you can have the confidence to try bigger goals. Also, psychologically an average individual has so many hurdles such that bigger goals are doomed to fail, hence the need to jot down ideas on how to keep them. 


Setting complex goals can be exciting, but as mentioned, you need to have a winning streak if you are to achieve bigger goals. Why if you may ask? Well, when you fail to attain several of your goals, you are likely to get frustrated, and you might forego any achieved progress. For instance, if you wish to lose weight, it is advisable to note it down on a personal notebook and every day you exercise you can tick or jot it down. 

Let it be Obvious 

As mentioned, if you need to be successful at keeping your resolutions, then you need to jot down your progress. Additionally, psychologists also argue that by noting down your goals in a book or a piece of paper also increases your chances of achieving your goals. Also, it is advisable to share your goals with your family and friends. This helps you to become accountable for all your goals. 

Meditate that you can achieve them daily 

Psychologically, setting up goals can be simple but maintaining them until the end of the year can be a hustle. Forbes further places only 71 percent of people within the first week try to achieve their goals. At six months only 46 percent keep trying to achieve their goals. It is therefore advisable to meditate on them daily. This keeps you in toes, hence pressuring you to grab any opportunity that will get you close to your goals. 

Use technology 

Technology has come a long way in helping people simplify regular and complex staff. Currently, almost every individual uses his/her phone to plan and streamline his/her daily activities. For instance, if you find it hard to keep goals, some apps help users focus with set out goals by preventing you from accessing apps that negatively impact you. 

Here are some of the most popular New Year goals. 

Lose Weight 

Losing weight is one of the most sought out resolutions with over 25 percent of individuals setting it as one of the most popular New Year resolutions. Nonetheless, only a few individuals see their goals to the sixth month. Actually, within the first-week people go back to their poor lifestyle, hence remaining obese for the rest of the year. 

Quit smoking & drinking 

Smoking and drinking have been attributed to causing a host of life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and cirrhosis. No wonder most people find it easier to place this goal among their new year resolutions. With over one billion people smoking tobacco, it is estimated that only 10 percent manage to maintain this resolution until the turn of six months. 

Get a job 

According to the International Labour Organization, over 5.2 percent of people are unemployed and very few find pleasure at their jobs. This creates room for people to search for new employment opportunities. 

Become debt free 

You may argue that debt is a common feature that unites man, but in reality becoming debt-ridden can influence your relationships negatively. Becoming debt free is a standard resolution that most people find it hard to keep tabs with. This is because it interferes with their comfort zone, hence making it hard to pay debts off. 

Have more family time 

If you have a family, then it is prudent to create time for them. Yes, you may argue that you are busy building an inheritance for them, but in reality, money is never enough. Though this is not an ordinary resolution, it is still important to spend time with your family. You can start by taking a vacation with your family, and from there you can check your child’s progress both at school and socially. 

Reduce stress 

This may sound simple, but in reality, it is a complex task that can sometimes influence your productivity both at home and at work negatively. Though an individual can manage the idea of reducing stress, sometimes it is prudent to seek professional help since most of the time people lack somebody to listen to their daily tribulations. 

Avoid procrastination 

This is a common feature among people. The idea of concentrating with more important staff is taxing; hence people find it better to waste that time with more pleasurable habits. To put matters to perspective over 95 percent of students are addicted to procrastinating rather than reading. 


According to IATA.Org, over 3.8 billion passengers traveled by air. Though the statistics are not comprehensive, the number explains how much people love traveling. With the idea of “you only living once” traversing through the millennial generation; traveling is one of the most planned new year resolutions. 

Have a baby 

Having a baby is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the millennial generation finds it easy to try planned parenthood. Though it is not ordinary, most people find it convenient to plan when to have their kids and this helps them plan for a family in advance. Furthermore, according to stat, more women are planning to have kids when compared to a decade ago. 


Setting out resolutions for every New Year is the best way to refuel your energy and check your previous goals. This helps you become accountable for every goal that you set out to achieve. Statistically, only 46 percent of individuals strive to reach their goals by the sixth month thus leaving a large chunk of individuals finding it hard to achieve their goals. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your goals simple, obvious and tangible if you wish to see them through. In case you have tried other tips on how to keep track of your goals please let us know.

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