How To Use The 2019 Pantone Color Of The Year In Decorating Indoor/Outdoors at your DREAM HOME

In the early days of December, every year, the color experts at Pantone decide on the color which will ring in the New Year and set the tone for the months that follow.  It may seem somewhat challenging to choose but one of the endless hues in the color arsenal at Pantone, but the process in which they determine the coveted shade, is really quite simple. During their travels to the various fashion capitals of the world, the color team at Pantone take in all the hues and tones which have taken the runways by storm. Not only will these colors show up in the fashion industry, but they will also make themselves known in the media, movies, technology, and many other aspects of day to day life.  Last year, Pantone gave us a deep and rich purple shade known as Ultra Violet, and this year, they are rejuvenating us with an astonishing and seemingly full of life tone known as Living Coral.  Living Coral is a vibrant orange teeming with beautiful golden undertones. Though the shade resembles a bright pink upon first glance, you will surely feel the sea breeze upon your skin when you surround yourself and the ones you love with Living Coral this year! 

There are many ways to enjoy Living Coral beyond adding pieces to your wardrobe. Adorn your surroundings with the color and spend the entire year in a paradise fit for the beach, right in the comfort of your home! Stick around and learn some of the best ways you can make home yours and incorporate the Pantone color of the year in your home for 2019. 

1. Use As An Accent Color For An Already Decorated Home 
Just because you already have a home that is furnished and decorated to the nines, doesn’t’ mean that you can’t throw in some Living Coral to spruce up the place! 
Living Coral may seem like a color which has a particular color wheel in which it is compatible, but you might be surprised with your options. Pantone has come up with several complimentary palettes which offer multiple color schemes in which to perfectly coordinate your home or backyard. 
If your home already has plenty of soft, earthy tones, then try splashing in a few pillows or throw blankets to add a suggestion of Living Coral to your already beach-like ensemble. Living Coral can also be an invigorating splash of color in a mostly neutral or white and black saturated area. 

2. Create A Perfect Poolside Cabana 
Whether you have a professionally installed inground pool with a deck and the works, or a large above ground pool which you set up and tear down every summer, you can still create a beautiful poolside experience by adding splashes of Living Coral and other beachy colors. 
By adding colorful beach chairs to your poolside area, you are already making the atmosphere feel more energetic and full of life. If you really want to get creative, use the Under The Sea palette of complementary colors to find the best matches to pair with your Living Coral decorations. You can purchase something as simple as outdoor throw pillows, towels, or even poolside beverage cups which will display the 2019 Pantone color of the year. No matter what bold colors you choose to accompany Living Coral around your poolside cabana, they are sure to make you feel as though you are at a 5-star resort! 

3. Decorating A New Home And Making It Your Own 
One of the most exciting parts of getting into new home decorating is that you get to choose the color schemes you want and make the house feel like home. 
One of the most natural things you can do to incorporate a specific color into your design is by painting an accent wall. If you are in love with Living Coral, consider choosing an accent wall and painting it with the vibrant, peachy-orange. Place a few beach-house inspired knick-knacks or shells on the wall to take your new home decorating to the next level. 
There are plenty of ways in which to use the color instead of painting walls as well. As far as the kitchen, you can purchase dish towels, utensils, baking dishes, and so many more items to make home yours and yours alone. 
Choosing everyday items in the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year with accompanying bold colors will impress your guests and give you a feeling of accomplishment once you’ve completed your decorating project. 

4. Outdoor Entryway and Patio Decorations 
The entryway to your home is the first impression most of your guests will have when visiting. If you want to leave a lasting impression, then you will want to be sure to incorporate your design ideas to flow onto your front porch or entry space. 
If you are feeling bold, you could go as far as to paint your front door with the vibrant color and add a wreath with flowers of a complementary color scheme. 
Perhaps you are not a fan of wreaths or do not have a door in which you can paint. In this case, set down a bright, welcoming mat which displays the color, or places planters with brightly lit flowers on either side of your front step. 
When your guests make their way to your patio, you can have seating which displays the Living Coral or accompaniments which show the color and its complementary shades. Don’t forget, if you are hosting an outdoor event, you can also hit a party supply store to see if they have lighting or other decorations which could accompany the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year. 

There are endless ways in which to incorporate Living Coral into your space, both indoor and out. The attention-grabbing color is sure to get your guests talking and keep you feeling refreshed and full of life when you spend time in your personal space. 
2019 is a year for newness, excitement, and adventure; Make sure that the color of your home keeps you refreshed and ready for what life has in store!

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